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Becoming Bankable in 2011

As a prior banker for 30 plus years, I have been experiencing a new challenge seeking financing for my clients. With regulatory changes, the economy, the real estate market, and a number of other forces effecting bank decision making, it has become a major undertaking to apply for a loan. This article will cover some tips on what the banker is looking for and how to prepare yourself for the loan process. With proper education and preparation, we can all do our part in reversing this recession!

TIP ONE: Know Your Credit Score!

It has become so easy to keep abreast of what is happening with our credit history and ever so more important to the banking industry. The slightest drop in your credit score not only effects your ability to get new credit but also can cause increases to the interest rates you currently have!

BEWARE – when checking your credit, through the many internet sites, be cautious of monthly charges for services you do not need. The average cost of obtaining your credit score is $7.95. This is a one time charge.

TIP TWO: Select The Right Bank!

When considering applying for a new loan, know your options. What are you using the funds for? What will your collateral be? What banks are offering the best deals on the type of credit your seeking? What information does the banker require you bring to your appointment? Are you meeting with the right person for your needs?

BEWARE – selecting the wrong bank or banker can be an unnecessary hit to your credit score. Each time you apply for a loan, your credit will be checked. Credit Inquiries lower your score!

TIP THREE: Prepare For Your Bank Meeting!

Think of the risk involved with lending funds in this market. Individuals are losing their jobs, the cost of living has risen, and collateral values have deteriorated. The banker will want to know how secure your employment is, if your current salary can handle the new payment, what your current financial situation is, how you will survive a job loss, and what you are offering as collateral to secure your loan. Remember, collateral is not a reason to make a loan, it only gives the lender recourse should you not pay them back. A bank is a business, they want paid back, not your collateral. Be Prepared – you are much more likely to receive a positive answer to your loan request!

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